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How to use your Universal Success Planner


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Please email me my Universal Success Planner

You will receive your FREE download within 10 minutes. If your Universal Success Planner hasn’t arrived please look in your spam folder and add us to your address book.

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Follow the instructions below and double your results in half the time!

  • Clear Compelling Vision

    Universal Success requires that your resources, time and energy only be expended on the activities that matter most to you, your partnership, your team or your organization.

    Without a clear compelling vision of “where you are going” it is impossible to source and declare quarterly and daily High Value Targets!

    Investing time in imagining and declaring your life, organization and relationships in their fully realized state is essential for consistent growth!

  • 90 Day High Value Targets

    With your fully realized vision in mind, (your life, company, team, or relationship in the best state imaginable)  and understanding your current opportunities, challenges and available resources, define and declare your two Highest Value Targets. By accomplishing these goals in the next 90 days you will create the greatest forward movement and set yourself up for even greater success in the next quarter.

  • HVT Resource Check List

    Success requires you have the training, tools, funds, team and time necessary to accomplish your goal before you start. Make sure that these are checked off for each HVT!

  • 90 Day ATR Training Goal

    To imagine that you can create more success, joy, wealth or love without expanding your own capacity is a certain path to failure As you look forward, over the next 90 days, which of your quotients needs the most development to insure your success. Check the box and begin training immediately.

  • Your Daily HVTs

    The Pareto Principle states that 80% of the results we create come from 20% of the actions we take. By investing a few minutes at the start of the day (or at the end of the prior day) to source, declare and block out time for the actions that will create the greatest returns, you will know that you are maximizing your energy, time and resources.

    You achieve big victories by accomplishing consistent daily wins!

  • Key People

    Who might you need to contact to successfully complete your daily HVTs? And what do you need to ask for? List and include their contact information.

  • Key Deliverables

    What deliverables do you need to receive today to complete your declared HVTs? What deliverables are due to another team member to help them achieve their HVTs?

  • Daily W.I.N. Review

    This is one of the most important and empowering steps in our True North Compass process. For the greatest success, you must base decisions on real-time data. By investing a few minutes at the end of the day in this simple review process, you will be able to capitalize on the actions that are working well for you and change those that are not.

  • 3-Day True North Compass Mini-Course.

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