My Epic Fail’s Beautiful Gift

An Epic Fail

My Epic Fail’s Beautiful Gift.

I doubt I’d be too far off the mark if I guessed that you have had some pretty crappy things happen to you over the course of this thing called life. After all the name of our Blog is “How to Find Joy In A Gnarly World!”

Here’s a question: Have you ever had something really terrible happen to you that turned out to be the best thing that could have ever happened to you? As you follow my story I think you might find your own gifts in some of your epic fails!

The year was 1986 and I was training for my Red Belt exam in Karate. Red Belt is three levels away from Black and it allows you to become an assistant instructor. To say I was passionate about my training would be a gross understatement, I was crazy turned on by the arts, by the challenges and the self exploration and self-definition. In fact, I would later go on to make a career as a martial arts professional, but that’s a different story.

It’s two weeks before the test and I’m in the best physical, mental and emotional shape of my life. I had honed my skills and my body to a razor’s edge and I couldn’t wait to shine before my instructors and fellow students. I had never been more prepared for anything.

(Now a quick but important side bar in 86 I was 24 and I’m pretty sure my frontal lobe still wasn’t fully developed… my grades in college a few years previous would definitely support this premise.)

Back to my story: It’s the week before the test and I am feeling invincible so I decide to grab my best buddies and go dancing. Here is where the plot begins to thicken….imagine mixing a 20 something’s bravado, excellent athletic ability, quite likely far too many adult golden foamy beverages, a multi-level dance club and your’s truly’s favorite song…. the story would have ended differently if I hadn’t been standing upstairs right above the dancefloor when I saw free space and the girl I wanted to dance with below.

As so with a leap that would have impressed any martial arts audience I hurled myself out into space prepared to thrill this young woman. It was an almost perfect landing… much in the way the Titanic had an almost perfect maiden voyage.

The x-rays showed a shattered and displaced ankle. The prognosis: It would be three years before I could walk unassisted.

Join me for just a moment and feel my devastation. I never thought of myself as a scholar. I was an athlete and that was now taken from me.

The following weekend I took my new ankle, complete with the titanium hardware, and went to support my classmates. I’ll never forget that day. It was raining, they all passed, and received their new degrees and I went home defeated and demoralized in the rain.

New to crutches, I got out of the car and placed them in the gutter, which was overflowing with leaves and rain water. The weight went on the crutches, the crutches proceeded to fly out to my side like wings and my next memory had me face first in the gutter with leaves streaming by and over me. AHH memories…

My life as  I knew it was over….. and that would turn out to be a beautiful thing.

The very next day one of my instructors came by the house and said “Poett, are you ready to do some real training? We’ve been telling you since you started that the martial arts are only 10% physical and now it’s time for you to train your heart, mind and spirit. I repeat are you ready?” He stood in my room with his arm full of books: the Tao Te Ching, the I-Ching, The Book of 5 Rings and many other wisdom literature classics.

I didn’t read them, I devoured them. I took all of my pain and frustration and focused it into learning, meditation and healing myself. My mind, my heart and my spirit were opened up to new realities and possibilities beyond any I had ever before imagined. Using these new gifts, I was able to heal my ankle in what the doctors called “miraculous time” and six months later I tested before my instructors and as one described it…”soared!”

I would not be the man I am today. I would not have the gifts, passion or power had it not been for that epic fail.

Thank you God for that epic fail and all the gifts that came with it!

Every fail we survive carries with it the seed of an equivalent gift, if you have the courage and desire to find it.

With Love,


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