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Our $20 Dollar Challenge

Laura thought Bill was crazy.....until it started working...

"You want to give away the best module from our five week Love Advance course? A $200, 7-day online module and you want to give it away for only $17.59?" she said.  "Yes.... but there is a method to the madness!"

When Bill first told Dr. Laura that he wanted to give away one of our most impactful training modules for less than two movie theater tickets she wasn't happy.

She was thinking of the decades worth of work that went into our training and the hundreds of hours spent developing our Love Advance course. The idea of earning pennies for our efforts wasn't easy to swallow.

But we also know that many people have been burned...

We know what if feels like to invest hundreds or even thousands of dollars in some course or program that promises to deliver the moon and ends up delivering nothing. We are not that company and this is not one of those programs. This course, these tools are already having a profound impact on men, women and organizations all over the world and we wanted to...

...make it ridiculously easy for you to give a key module from our complete Love Advance course a try and get results FAST...

Seriously, for $17.59 (less then the cost of  a night at the movies) we will give you our entire Love's Blueprint module. This 7-day module retails for $200. It includes a training video, power hour audio training and a 48 page playbook (with daily exercises to help you stay accountable and have fun in the process). It is 100% guaranteed to have a profound impact on your life.

After some thought, Dr Laura agreed so if you are the least bit curious about the work we do and the power of our tools then you must give it a try! So read on....

Case Study

For An Ecstatic Life And Passionate Love

Over 50 years of combined research have gone into the development of this course! If it doesn't work, we don't teach it!

Ernesto Paderes

Thank you Life Advance International. What a training session yesterday! A life altering training that once again unveiled clarity, peace and mad love...

Ernesto Paderes , Executive Director, Easy Lift
Dr Laura Ciel

I spent twenty years in a marriage that was slowly and systematically killing me, trapped by my own idea of perfection. I believed that If you could just work a little harder, be more of what he wanted, be the perfect wife then the pain would end.

After the sudden death of my mother I was gifted with the profound realization of how short and precious life truly is. During the worse moments of my grief, I asked myself what I would regret if I died today. The answer scared me. I realized I wasn’t living. I made a decision. I was going to get to know me again and get clarity about what mattered most to me. I was going to honor my mother by being the woman I was meant to be, fully expressing all the love and passion lying dormant in my heart. I was no longer willing to settle for a life that wasn’t mine.

By persistently applying the principles we teach in this program I reconnected with myself, became clear about what mattered most to me (love, joy, peace, service and fun among others) and take action every day that honors myself, my service and those I love. In the process, I left an unhealthy and emotionally abusive relationship, recreated how I use my education and training background to impact others’ lives and prepared myself to show up fully in a mutually respectful, loving and passionate partnership. I am the woman I am today by using these same principles we share with you and now I get to  continue to expand, lean in and co-create a life more beautiful than any I could have ever previously imagined with the man of my dreams.

Dr Laura Ciel Co-Founder Life Advance International
Bill Poett

About 1 1/2 years ago I was devastated when my wife informed me, a week before my birthday, that she was leaving. I wasn’t blind, I knew there were challenges in our marriage, I just didn’t expect “get up and quit” as the answer. You see, I had been blessed by parents who loved each other well and deeply for 62 years.

I was a romantic and my hopes of “happily ever after” were crushed. I had spent the past 25 years as a performance expert and now it was time to turn the lens on me. There was nothing I could do about my wife’s decision, but there was plenty I could do about me and I went to work.

I took all of my pain and anger and sorrow and I transmuted into action. I began working on myself and I began creating beautiful, scared spaces for me within and around my home. I knew that if I could reconnect with my personal source of love, joy and possibility anything was possible.

I made a decision to never settle again. I would create the most beautiful life I could possibly imagine and pursue it relentlessly. In less than a year’s time I met the woman of my dreams and I have created a relationship and a new life full of love, passion, power and deepest joy.

Bill Poett Co-Founder Life Advance International

Your Chance To Get Instant Access To One Of The Most Powerful Manifesting Principles We Teach And It Won't Cost You The Thousands Of Dollars Our Private Clients Pay....In Fact It Can Be Yours Today For Less Than The Cost Of Two Movie Tickets....

Love's Blueprint Module

If you don't know what you want in love and in life, congratulations, you have it. The vast majority of people cannot clearly express what they love, what they desire or the values they hold most dearly or they hold back from sharing their feelings and true desires. When you are unwilling or unable to step up and claim what your heart truly wants, you live a life of a series of accidental and/or reactive relationships instead of a life of mindful creation.

In this training module, we will show you exactly how to connect with the things in life that turn you on and from this crystal clear blueprint you will be amazed at how easy creation becomes.

You Cannot Manifest The Love And Life Of Your Dreams Without First Creating Your Love's Blueprint.

Lisa Baldwin

"I've learned more in the last week about reconnecting to my passion, Love and power than I have in the last 24 years with other personal development programs!

I can't even tell you how many books, videos and the seminars I have been to.. And the thousands of dollars literally I have spent! And I'm now more in love with me and my husband!❤.... Thank you Dr. Ciel and Bill from my overflowing heart!"

Lisa Baldwin, Marketing Executive At Melaleuca

From: Dr.Laura Ciel and Bill Poett founders of Life Advance International. If you accept our invitation today, you will receive our entire Love's Blueprint Training Module ONE OF THE FIVE ESSENTIAL STEPS FOR TOTAL TRANSFORMATION (a $200 value) and it will cost you only $17.59! That's not all...

More Good News...

In exchange for this miniscule investment, we are going to give you one of the greatest gifts we could ever give someone seeking more love, more health, more passion, more joy and more abundance.

It's the key to our “Love Advance Course”…and it is literally the step that separates the "haves" from the "have nots" in every facet of life, love, business and health!

In fact, without the principles taught in this Love's Blueprint module we never would have landed a man on the moon, there would be no cell phones or satellites and Shakespeare never would have written some of the world's most beautiful love stories.

Yes, it is that important...

And we are going to let you have it … we’ll tell you why in a bit, but first, a question for you…

Are You Just “Winging Life?”

Living Life by the seat of your pants?

Practicing “hope and pray” manifesting?

Or do you have a perfect blueprint for the love and life of your dreams?

If you are “flying by the seat of your pants,” don’t feel bad…you’re not alone, but do you really want that particular body part in charge of your life!.

The number 1 regret of the dying is "that I didn't have the courage to live my truth"!

The vast majority of people have no idea what their "truth" looks or feels like!

The average person has been living everyone else's idea of who they should be, and how they should act for so long that they have become hopelessly lost!

and quite honestly we were doing the same thing for decades...

Until We Did Something Most People Only Dream Of Doing…

We Imagined Exactly What We Wanted From Love And Life And Then Created Our Personal Blueprint

Only a tiny fraction of the world's elite live a life full of joy, meaning, abundance and love!

Isn't It Time You Got Access To Their Tools?

For the past 25 years Dr. Laura Ciel and Bill Poett have been guiding peak performing individuals, couples, teams and companies around the world to live and lead from the heart.

Now it's your turn! Thanks to advances in technology, we are able to offer you this incredible mixed media training course (live call, video, audio, work book) for a tiny fraction of what our private clients invest.

You'll receive the complete 7 day module for only $17.59. It's fun, easy and 100% guaranteed! We are ready and waiting for you!

The Love And Life Of Your Dreams Is Just One Step Away!

You Get It ALL – Our Complete 7 Day Love's Blueprint Module. A KEY component of our complete Love Advance Course. Love's Blueprint as a stand alone module retails for $200.00 – and you get it today for just $17.59


That’s right… Your investment today is just $17.59.

We May Be Crazy…But We're Not Stupid

It may come as a surprise, but we do have an ulterior motive for making this offer. As you have probably already guessed, we're not getting rich giving away our best stuff for less than a night at the movies.

Our sincere hope is you’ll love what you learn and choose to invest in our full 5 week Love Advance Course.

If you do, GREAT! If not, that’s ok too. Take this one week module and if you don't believe this investment was worth ten times what you paid, you’ll receive a full refund.

But if you do love it (and we think you will), you will have instant access to our full course and some incredible bonuses!

A paltry sum… …especially when you imagine all the money you've wasted on bad dates, bad relationships and bad advice!

The Average cost of divorce is $15,000 - $20,000 according to Cameron Law PLLC

In fact, we'll make you a deal… If you finish your Love's Blueprint module and you aren't more thrilled about your love, life and the new path you are on at the end of that week than when you started, we will give you your money back.

You can keep the module, but we'll suggest you bow out and look for help elsewhere. Again, that’s how confident we are in this course. So click the Add to Cart button below, and let’s get started…

Add to Cart - Just $17.59

Your Love's Blueprint Module Includes

For the first time ever you will have 24/7 access from any device to the most advanced online training tools.

  • 1

    Love's Blueprint Training Video.

    In this 10 minute, entertaining and highly informative video Dr. Laura Ciel and Bill Poett will "set you up" for massive success in this training. You will receive essential insights and a life changing exercise as you dive into your transformational adventure.
    And don't forget your can train with us anytime from any device!

  • 2

    Love's Blueprint Power Hour MP3 With Dr. Laura Ciel And Bill Poett

    You will want to listen to this audio training over and over again because it is packed with love and life transforming information, exercises and tools.
    Our private clients pay $500 for this exact information! Distilled from decades of research, application, testing and review this training will set you on the path to creating the most exciting life you can possibly imagine.
    In this comprehensive lecture you will understand why your Love and Life blueprint is essential to your success and you will be given all the tools you need to get the most out of your Playbook and this course

  • 3

    Your 48 Page PDF Love's BluePrint Downloadable Playbook

    We've all been taught that "knowledge is power". Nothing could be further from the truth. Everyone of us KNOWS one thing we could start or stop doing that would make our life better. The fact of the matter is that knowledge is only power when it is cellularized, when it literally "becomes us" and this is why daily practice and training are essential to success.
    Muscles begin to atrophy (shrink) after 72 hours without exercise and your love and life operate under the same law. What you did yesterday has very little influence on the quality of your love, life and joy. It is the things we do everyday that move our lives in the directions of our dreams.
    Your Love Advance Playbook contains all the information, tools and simple powerful daily exercises that will make success and joyful forward movement a habit.

  • 4

    Love Live Call With Dr. Laura Ciel And Bill Poett

    One of the most powerful components of our Love Advance Course is our weekly Love Live Call. Every Thursday from 12:30 to 1:00 PST we field questions from our global Love Advance members and share our insights and unique solutions to life and love's most complex issues.
    With this very special offer you get to join us for a call.

100% Money Back Guarantee

At Life Advance International we are 100% committed to meeting and exceeding your expectations. If you complete the course and don’t believe that this is one of the best investments in time and money you have ever made, then give us a chance to make it right. If we don’t then the course and all it’s materials are yours to keep and we will offer you a full refund.

Love's Blueprint Video Training.

Love's Blueprint Power Hour MP3 With Dr. Laura Ciel And Bill Poett

Your 48 Page PDF Love's BluePrint Downloadable Playbook

You cannot accidentally bake a cake, paint a masterpiece, build a house, launch a rocket or stay in love. Whenever you see a beautiful creation, be assured that universal laws were applied!

- Dr. Laura Ciel and Bill Poett, Life Advance International

Download our Cloud-Hosted Videos, Audios & Training PDFs Instantly


We have clients training with us right now from all over the world. It has never been easier or more cost effective to access our personal and professional training tools.

You literally have instant access to your Love's Blueprint course in the palm of your hands. So let's get you started.

Look What Other People Had to Say...

Jacob Tell CEO, Oniracom

Thank you Bill Poett & Laura Ciel for the incredible mentorship, executive coaching, and clarity guidance! This is not another one-off gimmick as I’ve experienced in the past, but a true lifestyle shift. Here’s to an epic next decade of magic together!

Jacob Tell CEO, Oniracom, CEO, Oniracom
Lisa Machado

"LAI's Leadership Advance was exactly what our team needed to start the year off strong!  At the end of the program a member of our team shared, 'This was one of the best leadership workshops I’ve ever attended!' I walked away with some great insight on how I plan to have a fully maximized year. I highly recommend having Bill and Laura at your next training!"

Lisa Machado, Field Vice President, Vaccines at GSK
 Kenna Hickman PH.D.

"Hands down the best training I have ever attended!" " I’m sure this will be one of many comments from our staff about the exceptional training and inspiring experience you created for our staff. I don’t know how to begin to thank you!"

Kenna Hickman PH.D. , District Administrator Department of Rehabilitation
Wayne Gretzky

“Bill Poett is one of the most knowledgeable trainers I have ever worked with!”

Wayne Gretzky, NHL Hall of Fame
Ellen Leyva

“I am a true believer you are onto something BIG! Your workshop left me energized, hopeful and more open hearted.

I can see 40 and smile!"

Ellen Leyva, Lead Anchor - ABC News LA
Amber Michelle Silva

I use the True north Compass everyday. Life has been in constant change and my emotions a rollercoaster. Great to be able to navigate. Thanks Dr. Laura Ciel and Bill Poett. Not always easy but simple and profound.

Amber Michelle Silva, Master Chef
Ruth Jackson, MRA, CRC, Dept. of Rehabilitation

“Thanks, Kenna – I wanted to comment that I thought it was the best staff training we’ve had while I’ve been here.  My husband got sick of hearing about it. I particularly liked that he broke us up in to our offices – Might not be a bad idea to do that for a minute or two each time we have a training! I’m thrilled that he wants to come to individual offices”.

Ruth Jackson, MRA, CRC, Dept. of Rehabilitation, Dept. of Rehabilitation
Sarah Atereth

You can’t create a #1 hit record with theory; it takes talent, hard work and a process that works! The True North Compass is such a powerful tool, this training has been invaluable as I’ve added Passion and Performance Coaching to my resume!  Thanks you and the True North Compass are a global hit!

Sarah Atereth, International #1 Hit Recording Artist
Ginger Garrett

I ran into Dr. Laura Ciel and Bill Poett purely by accident. Or was it? I was looking for a simple but effective way to organize my life and enjoy the passion that comes from fully engaged commitment. I found it with the Love Advance Course and the True North compass. Simple. Fun. Effective. Try it!

Ginger Garrett, Superior Court Judge, San Luis Obispo

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