How Can I Love Better Today?

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I’m leaning against the side of my small ranch cabin…. well it would be more accurate to say that my little cabin is holding me up because I don’t have the strength to stand by myself. Tears are streaming down my cheeks and my heart once again feels shattered and broken beyond all possibility of repair. I’m watching my wife of seven years, and my two daughters, drive away from me, ending our marriage, my dreams and my hopes for our family.

The beginning of the end took place about two months earlier, we were slogging through our seventh year of marriage (itch anyone?) and the truth is, neither one of us was happy. We had become complacent. We had lost the passion and any joy we had known years earlier and we had settled into a weird reality of being bad partners and good co-parents.

So three days before my birthday and five days before hers, and being the proverbial optimist, I thought, “you know what? We could make something really special happen for our celebrations and maybe bring the fire and life back to our home”.  So I said,” look, I know things have been tough lately, but let’s doing something really special for our birthdays this year! What would you love to do?” There was a pregnant pause and then came her response…..”I want to move out….”

I’d be lying if I said that I was completely surprised, after all we hadn’t been happy for a very long time. I just didn’t see this ending, without some middle ground, one last fight for our life and our dreams…..

After a few days wallowing in the black pit of despair, unfortunately a place I’ve visited far too often in this lifetime, I made a decision. I would take this pain, and I would use it. I would use it to rebuild a life far more beautiful than any I had known before. I knew at my very core that my daughters and I deserved something beautiful. I would, like the Phoenix, rebuild a life from the ashes of my previous one.

I started doing the craziest things. I started honoring, loving and taking care of me! It began with my bedroom and fresh flowers. I’d always enjoyed getting flowers for guests and now I started getting them for me. What a wild idea, right?. I started using my good china and making my favorite meals and I continued creating more beautiful and sacred spaces around and in my home. After a few months I was a completely new man living in a beautifully re-created home.

And then things got really weird. I started every morning by imagining and experiencing the most beautiful visceral daydreams. I’d always loved the work that I do, but now I loved my home and myself  in a new way and I began seeing and feeling a woman lying next to me. I couldn’t see a face, I only felt her presence and it was the most beautiful, loving, soothing feeling I had ever known.

Can you guess what happened next? I had been interviewed on Dr. Laura Ciel’s radio show years earlier when my first book, The ABC’s of Peak Performers came out and her memory and her Facebook posts began swirling around more and more frequently in my mind, until I couldn’t take it any longer and I called her.

It took some time for us to connect, but when we did a storm of future memories, lightning bolts and pure joy assailed my being. Our first phone call began at 10:00pm and ended more than 7 hours later at 5:30 am.

We met the next day briefly for a walk on the beach and within a week, I knew that I had found the woman from my morning dreams.

Having lost a marriage to complacency, malaise and energetic gravity I made one more decision and I believe this to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. When it comes to loving Laura, I will never rest on my laurels. It doesn’t matter one iota how well I loved her yesterday, the ONLY THING THAT MATTERS IS HOW WELL I LOVE HER TODAY!

One of my greatest joys and the most empowering daily Love exercises  I know of is to ask, answer and joyfully act on this question every single day: How can I love better today?

The answers and actions born from this simple, powerful, profound question have led me to a love and life more beautiful than any I could have ever imagined. And the very best part is the knowing that after a year and a half together we have just touched the tip of the iceberg of the life, love and joy of our dreams.

And now we come to the real point of this story which is YOU! We know that you deserve all the love and joy that you can imagine and that’s one of the core objectives of the work Laura and I do at Life Advance International. Our mission and our joy is to provide you with powerful tools and training to create the life, love and business of your dreams.

And we want you to take our 30 day challenge:

If you want to Advance your Love ask, answer and joyfully act on this question everyday for 30 days “How can I love better today (my kids, my spouse, my partner…)?” and watch the love, passion, romance and joy grow.

If you want to Advance your Leadership ask, answer and joyfully act on this question every day for the next thirty days: “How can I love and serve my team and my clients better today?”

If you want to Advance your life ask, answer and joyfully act on this question every day for the next thirty days: “How can I love myself better today?”

With Love and appreciation,


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