Three Secrets To TOTAL CONFIDENCE And SELF-ESTEEM Cheat Sheet.

Total Confidence

Imagine how being TOTALLY CONFIDENT would change your life?

Imagine developing enough SELF-ESTEEM to follow all of your dreams and have the CONFIDENCE that  EVERYTHING WAS GOING TO WORK OUT AS IT IS MEANT TO!

With these three CONFIDENCE secrets you won’t have to imagine for very long!

Secret #1 think X-games, #2 think Navy Seals…and #3 think Thomas Edison… read on knowledge seeker!

In this addition to our Quantum Leap Series we will show you…

Confidence Self esteem

Total Confidence and Self-Esteem

  • … how Laura found the Confidence to go from feeling trapped in an unhappy marriage to traveling and teaching all over the world BY HERSELF!
  • …how Bill found the Confidence to go from failing a speech class in college to getting paid $3,000 for a 45 minute keynote dinner speech.
  • …3 simple SECRETS that you can begin using immediately to increase your Confidence and Self-Esteem in any situation.

Let’s start with our Quantum Leap Definition of Confidence:

Confidence: 1. Having the courage and competency to act on your potential. 2. Knowing you can achieve a goal completely outside your realm of experience.


Total Confidence and Self- Esteem Secret #1


When we see truly confident people, it’s easy for us to imagine that they were born that way. Nothing could be further from the truth. We aren’t born confident anymore than we are born being able to do a flip on a skateboard 40 feet off the ground.

Confidence and Self-Esteem are developed skill sets! The miracle of all humans is our capacity to adapt and develop almost any quality through the Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands (SAID) Principle.

Don’t worry, we aren’t going to get to “all science-y” on you but understanding this concept is essential to you becoming TOTALLY CONFIDENT.

The SAID principle asserts that as human beings we adapt specifically to imposed demands. In other words, given stress on the human system, whether bio-mechanical or neurological, there will be a Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands (wikipedia).


…When we watch the X-games, or a Ted Talk, or an 80 year old who summits Mount Everest, we are witnessing the SAID principle in action. We are witnessing human potential being realized!

Playing tennis, giving a speech, gymnastics, leadership, successful parenting and any other awesome thing you see your fellow humans doing are all trained and mindfully developed skill sets!

Thank you Gopro for this epic video!

ACTION: If you want to develop your CONFIDENCE AND SELF-ESTEEM muscles you must make a decision to exercise them every day. The best way to exercise them is to take small, safe, slightly scary actions whenever you can.

Just remember, the first time you get on a skateboard you don't shoot down a 40 foot ramp!

The first time you go to the gym, you don't bench press 250 pounds! You start light and safe, force your body to adapt and then increase the weight. Developing your confidence is no different.

Commit right now... taking tiny, slightly scary steps out of your comfort zone each day. Raise your hand, be the first to offer your opinion, say yes to that adventure, introduce yourself to a stranger, order a different meal, make love outdoors...

Every time you do something that is just a little scary you are applying the SAID principle and your CONFIDENCE and SELF-ESTEEM muscles will adapt and grow stronger.

Before you read any further grab a pen and paper and list 3 things you can do today to exercise your Courage and Self-Esteem muscles.

Bam!!!! Great job. Are you ready to learn how Navy Seals develop their confidence?

Total Confidence and Self- Esteem principle #2

Total CONFIDENCE comes from being totally COMPETENT!

Twenty-five years ago... yikes that went fast, Bill served as a Close Quarter Combat instructor. His specialty was knife fighting and he had the privilege of training some of America's best warriors. The most important lesson he could impart was that "they were the weapon". The knife, gun or explosive was only a tool.

Confidence Self-Esteem

Don't hate on the hair! They are maximizing their ATR!

Confidence was built with a massive focus on training and maximizing A.T.R.

A.T.R. is an acronym for Ability To Respond. Success or failure in battle is determined by the warrior's physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic Ability To Respond to every opportunity and challenge they face!

So what does this have to do with you and your confidence?

The answer...

...EVERYTHING! Your ultimate, success, joy, impact, career, parenting are all 100% dependent on maximizing your personal ATR.

Do you know what is really cool?

You learned this in secret #1... by consistently applying the SAID principle to your ATR, it is totally expandable!

It's really quite simple.....

...if you want more, BECOME MORE!

If you want a bigger, brighter, more abundant life, if you want to be TOTALLY CONFIDENT with rock star self-esteem then all you need to do is train!

Grow your ATR. Train your body, mind, emotions, spirit and energy every week and your life will expand!

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ACTION: To develop your CONFIDENCE AND SELF ESTEEM even more, take your A.T.R. inventory.

You can't get to where you want to go in life unless you know exactly where you are!

This is a fun, quick, easy process that pays huge dividends!

You will discover the current status of your A.T.R. and find out where you are out of balance. Once you do this, all you need to do is start training your weak areas (we call them quotients) and BOOM!

You will become a brand new TOTALLY CONFIDENT you! And that's what you are here for, right?

Your A.T.R. is made up of 5 quotients (as are you, but we will share more about that in future trainings).

Here is a list with the five quotients and a short description of each one.  Your exercise is to give yourself a grade for where you see yourself right now in your life.

An A+ or 100% in the means that you are rocking each category at the best of your potential.

A C+ grade would mean you are pretty much average. Remember, don't rate yourself against others, rate yourself against your "best". ("Dream Lives" are never built from average quotients...but don't feel bad if your grades are low. A low score means opportunity for expansion!)

Ready? Rate yourself on how well you embody the descriptions:

Physical Quotient (PQ): I AM fit, healthy and strong. I have all the health, energy, power and beauty I desire. I love my body and my body loves me!

Grade ____

Intellectual Quotient (IQ): I AM always learning and I learn quickly and easily. I know everything I need to know to create the life of my dreams. If there is something I don't know, I know how to find it and master it!

Grade ____

Emotional Quotient (EQ): I AM an expert at managing my emotional state ,and I excel at supporting others' emotionally. I love building, inspiring and leading teams, including my family.

Grade ____

Spiritual/Service Quotient (SQ): I AM totally fulfilled in my chosen profession (yes, parenting is a profession). I have all the positive impact, wealth and freedom I desire.

Grade ____

Energetic Quotient (9Q): I AM a Mindful Creative. I know that every thought, word and action is an act of creation and I am joyfully and mindfully living the life of my dreams, not someone else's!

Grade ____

Great job! You just completed your A.T.R. inventory!

If you rocked A's in each category, congratulations you are TOTALLY CONFIDENT, you have Rock Star SELF-ESTEEM and you are living life 100% on your terms as a MINDFUL CREATOR!

If you didn't score straight A's don't feel bad. In fact, 97% of the world's population is way out of balance in many of these quotients. Just look at levels of obesity and illness, college drop out rates, divorce and business failure rates and you'll know you are not alone.

But, dammit, the truth is you were BORN INHERENTLY WORTHY and you deserve the confidence and life of your dreams and that is exactly why you are here!

The next step is to look at where your A.T.R is out of balance and develop a training protocol to maximize all of your quotients.

The exciting thing about your A.T.R. is that it is specific to YOU.  You are unique and have your own dreams. Your ultimate success or failure will lie squarely on your shoulders and the power of your A.T.R. That responsibility might sound scary at first, but in reality, with training, you realize that is is incredibly empowering to know that it is up to you.

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Total Confidence and Self- Esteem Secret #3

Re-connect to your inner child and fail your way to TOTAL CONFIDENCE.

HA!! We know you didn't see this one coming but it is a vital step in becoming TOTALLY CONFIDENT and developing Rock Star SELF-ESTEEM.

If you are serious about going after your dreams with TOTAL CONFIDENCE, there is one thing we can absolutely, positively guarantee...

The bigger your dreams, the more CONFIDENT you are, the more often you WILL FAIL!

Do you think Elon Musk, the billionaire of Space-X, Tesla, Solar City and Pay-Pal is a TOTALLY CONFIDENT person?

You bet your ass he is! Hell, his plan is to populate Mars and we will bet you he succeeds. Now that is TOTAL CONFIDENCE.

Do you think Elon Musk has any failures under his belt?

How about:

  • Sir Richard Branson?
  • Mother Teresa?
  • Oprah?
  • Abraham Lincoln?
  • Thomas Edison?
  • Peyton Manning?

Yes! They have all failed multiple times...even hundreds or thousands of times!!!

Thomas Edison recorded 10,000 failures as he CONFIDENTLY struggled to unlock the secret of the incandescent light bulb!

The last secret in developing TOTAL CONFIDENCE requires us to let go of any ideas of perfectionism and recognize failure for what it truly is, and that is feedback!

And my friends, the old saying is true,  "FEEDBACK IS THE BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS."
Confidence Self-esteemFailing is absolutely, positively an essential part of the CONFIDENCE learning curve, the SAID principle, and is exactly how you maximize your A.T.R.

When you are at the gym, the goal of weightlifting is to take your muscles to absolute failure while maintaining proper form!

This failure is what forces the adaptive process!

Hey parents, how many of your children went immediately from crawling to doing tricks on a skateboard?

The answer is none!

They crashed and fell many time before they could even walk. Failure is how they learned to walk and run and do whatever sports they do, including riding a skateboard.

Are you feeling the power of failing your way to TOTAL CONFIDENCE? Isn't it awesome!? is the final step in our Total Confidence process and it's one of our favorites.

ACTION:  If you want to develop your CONFIDENCE AND SELF ESTEEM take a chill pill, relax, have fun and learn how to laugh at yourself , your mistakes and your failures.

See failures for exactly what they are, opportunities to learn, grow and expand!

Life is too short, too hard and too full of unknowns to take it, or ourselves, too seriously. TOTALLY CONFIDENT women and men laugh more, play more, take more risks, are more optimistic and just have more fun.

We know you were born inherently worthy (in fact we prove it in our 6 Secrets of Mindful Creators video) and you deserve to live the life you have always dreamed of. Our mission and our promise at Life Advance International is to make sure you get it!

Now, if you are ready to take a Quantum Leap toward that dream life you imagine, you will need four key tools. You already got one of them today.

  • TOTAL CONFIDENCE. To live the life of your dreams, not someone else's idea of who you should be.
  • MASSIVE ENERGY. So that you have the fuel to go out into the world and build your dream life.
  • A CLEAR COMPELLING VISION. So that everyday when you wake up, you wake up on purpose, focused, ready to engage, completely turned-on and in love with the life you are living.
  • A SIMPLE PROVEN DREAM BUILDER'S PROCESS. The 6 step tool all Mindful Creators use to manifest their dream lives.

Now that you've learned the three secrets of Total Confidence and Self-Esteem, how would you like the rest of our Mindful Creators system?

Master the system, apply these simple tools (they require about 15 minutes a day) and your life will...

...grow beyond anything you can imagine. We know this because we've seen it happen for the thousands of clients that we have trained.

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For 25 years we have served many of the most powerful men, women and teams and now it's our pleasure to serve you!

With love and appreciation,

Dr. Laura Ciel and Bill Poett

confidence self esteem

Founders of Life Advance international

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