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Three Leadership Secrets You Can’t Live Without!

“In today’s business climate you either eat what you kill, or you go hungry!”

By Bill Poett

From Ken Richardson, the retired president of Hughes Aircraft’s ten billion dollar a year company, to the squad leader of the FBI’s secret Hostage Rescue Team, I have spent the past twenty five years, studying, training and coaching many of the world’s best leaders. Today I’d like to gift you with three leadership secrets you can’t live without.

If you own a business, or lead a team, then results are a prime driver for you, however in our current economy odds are good that your team is struggling. Every day you are being asked to achieve more, with fewer resources, in an increasingly competitive world.

Teams are shrinking, demand is growing, and leaders and teams are burning out. We need a solution and we need one now and that’s exactly what I’m here to give you.

Focusing on results doesn’t drive them; anymore then desperately wanting a lover helps you find one.  In fact, I bet most of us have had the opposite experience, the more desperate we become, the less success we create! It’s an energetic reality and energy is the first leadership secret we will focus on!

Learn the acronym E.A.T. because you must “E.A.T.” to thrive in business today.

The leadership secret is E-Energy.

What most leaders fail to understand is that they are the energetic driver for their team and every team has an EQ. Your Team’s EQ is it’s energetic quotient and this is the number 1 performance indicator for any organization and most leaders have never heard of it! Does your team posses the “Eye of the tiger?” Is your team made up of heroes or victims?

John Wooden, the legendary basketball coach, was a master of EQ, which he taught through his 90/90 rule. Coach Wooden knew that if he could get 90% energetic engagement from his players 90% of the time they would be unbeatable, and they were.

Measuring, managing and maximizing your team’s EQ is a subjective assessment but an essential one. Here is a simple example of how to determine a three-person team’s EQ.

  1. Member one – a Navy Seal; is “ALL-In”, he shows up and gives 100% because this all Seals know. EQ – 100%
  2. Member two – John Q. Average; shows up and performs about half the time. Mr. Average’s EQ – 50%
  3. Member Three – Mrs. Already Gone; is actively working with a headhunter while still taking your money, just because she can. Mrs. Gone’s EQ is – 0%

Our three-person team’s EQ is 50%. This is an extreme example but you can see how it works and the significance of managing your teams EQ. On average, companies that I’ve tested today are operating with an EQ in the 65% range. There is no software or sales technique on earth that will make this a world-class team. This team will go hungry! Raise your team’s EQ and you will dominate your market.

Great leaders recognize that they are the energetic drivers of their team’s EQ and they are constantly and actively working to improve it!

Our second secret leadership essential;

A-Alignment. Alignment simply means that everyone on the team is rowing in the same direction and committed to the same goals. Great leaders are masters at setting crystal-clear compelling goals that not only serve the needs of the organization but also meet the needs of each and every team member!

There is no such thing as a business decision. Look at the number of waking hours we spend at our jobs, you’ll realize that every decision is a life decision and they must be made as such. One of the best examples of alignment driven by great leadership occurred in 1961. When President Kennedy challenged congress to make it a goal to send a man to the moon and bring him back safely by the end of the decade! The goal was crystal-clear and at the height of the cold war it not only served the needs of the nation but the needs of every American.

Great leaders are masters at setting clear, compelling goals that serve the needs of the organization and team members and in doing so create great alignment!

Our third and final leadership secret……….TO CONTINUE CLICK HERE!

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