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This FREE workshop will be taught live online Tuesday, February 11th 10:00 - 11:30 am Pacific

Advance Your Business

6 Secrets Heart-Centered Leaders use to build wildly profitable teams!

Love Advance Life Advance Leadership Advance
Love Advance Life Advance Leadership Advance
Love Advance Life Advance Leadership Advance
Love Advance Life Advance Leadership Advance
Life Advance International leadership Advance
Love Advance Life Advance Leadership Advance

Free Video Guide: The Six Secrets Heart-Centered Leaders use to build wildly profitable teams!

Organizations don't succeed. Teams of inspired, well-led men and women succeed!

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Thank you Bill Poett & Laura Ciel for the incredible mentorship, executive coaching, and clarity guidance! This is not another one-off gimmick as I’ve experienced in the past, but a true lifestyle shift. Here’s to an epic next decade of magic together!

Jacob Tell CEO, Oniracom, CEO, Oniracom

"LAI's Leadership Advance was exactly what our team needed to start the year off strong!  At the end of the program a member of our team shared, 'This was one of the best leadership workshops I’ve ever attended!' I walked away with some great insight on how I plan to have a fully maximized year. I highly recommend having Bill and Laura at your next training!"

Lisa Machado, Field Vice President, Vaccines at GSK

"Hands down the best training I have ever attended!" " I’m sure this will be one of many comments from our staff about the exceptional training and inspiring experience you created for our staff. I don’t know how to begin to thank you!"

Kenna Hickman PH.D. , District Administrator Department of Rehabilitation

Our Ideal Ecstatic Client (IEC)

Our IECs are forward-thinking, globally-conscious, agile companies and individuals. They are powerful, self-aware leaders who are clear about their core competencies as well as their personal blind spots. We serve men, women and teams that have created a vision so compelling that they will to do whatever it takes to bring themselves, their teams and their company into harmony... and their dreams into reality.

Advance Your Love

Advancing Lives, Teams and Dreams for Twenty-Five Years

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I’ve learned more in the last week about reconnecting to my passion, Love and power than I have in the last 24 years with other personal development programs!

I can’t even tell you how many books, videos and the seminars I have been to.. And the thousands of dollars literally I have spent! And I’m now more in love with me and my husband!❤…. Thank you Dr. Ciel and Bill from my overflowing heart!

Lisa Baldwin Marketing Executive At Melaleuca

Life Advance Champions

Our Game Changers, Dreamers, Earth Shakers, Influencers and Thought Leaders.

Advancing Lives, Teams and Dreams for Twenty-Five Years. 

“Bill Poett is one of the most knowledgeable trainers I have ever worked with!”

Wayne Gretzky, NHL Hall of Fame

“I am a true believer you are on to something BIG! Your workshop left me energized, hopeful and more open hearted. I can see 40 and smile!"

Ellen Leyva, Lead Anchor - ABC News LA

I use the True north Compass everyday. Life has been in constant change and my emotions a rollercoaster. Great to be able to navigate. Thanks Dr. Laura Ciel and Bill Poett. Not always easy but simple and profound.

Amber Michelle Silva, Master Chef

“Thanks, Kenna – I wanted to comment that I thought it was the best staff training we’ve had while I’ve been here.  My husband got sick of hearing about it. I particularly liked that he broke us up in to our offices – Might not be a bad idea to do that for a minute or two each time we have a training! I’m thrilled that he wants to come to individual offices”.

Ruth Jackson, MRA, CRC, Dept. of Rehabilitation, Dept. of Rehabilitation

You can’t create a #1 hit record with theory; it takes talent, hard work and a process that works! The True North Compass is such a powerful tool, this training has been invaluable as I’ve added Passion and Performance Coaching to my resume!  Thanks you and the True North Compass are a global hit!

Sarah Atereth, International #1 Hit Recording Artist

I ran into Dr. Laura Ciel and Bill Poett purely by accident. Or was it? I was looking for a simple but effective way to organize my life and enjoy the passion that comes from fully engaged commitment. I found it with the Love Advance Course and the True North compass. Simple. Fun. Effective. Try it!

Ginger Garrett, Superior Court Judge, San Luis Obispo

Advance Your Life, Love and Business

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