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Rock Solid From The Boardroom To The Bedroom Dr. Laura Ciel Bill Poett

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Personal And Professional Empowerment


The Mindful Creators Movement is much more than just a training center. Our entire philosophy and training model is based on a belief, and over 50 years of combined research, that the old paradigm humanity has been operating under is unsustainable.

When you look at all of the neglected, unfilled and wasted resources both human and natural, when you reflect upon the pervasive state of division, violence and discord worldwide it's easy to see that as individual and as humanity as a whole it's time to embrace a new way of being.

OUR Mission: To mindfully co-create a shift of humanity out of fear, shame and blame and into love integrity and service.

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: The ability to develop your skills and talents and consistently turn your dreams into reality!

Personal Development Training

Mindful Leadership Live Dr. Laura & Bill Poett

The desire for love, health, joy and service as well as a passion for a healthy planet and world is inherent in all of us. Our ability to achieve and experience success in these areas differs greatly based on the tools and training we possess and our ability to implement them on a regular basis.

The foundation of all of the work and training we offer through the Mindful Creators Movement is the understanding that the only way we can create positive, systemic and lasting change in the world is to first invite, nurture and embody that positive change within ourselves.

At this summit, you will learn how to connect with your loves, gifts and talents and develop them consistently so that your life and the impact you have on the world is constantly expanding in ever more powerful and positive ways.

You have access to the exact same energy Mother Teresa, Elon Musk and Dr. Martin Luther King use to change the world and as Mindful Creators we are here to show you exactly how to access it!


: The ability to align a team around a clear compelling goal and access the resources and training needed to achieve it!

Professional Development Training

Mindful Leadership Live Dr. Laura & Bill Poett

The old model of sacrificing yourself, your team and/or the environment in the name of profit or progress is not sustainable, thus it is not effective beyond a certain point. We need to shift to a new model, a new way of being.

Today's Mindful Leaders understand that lasting success and sustainability require a completely new paradigm. A performance model that takes into account the health and impact of every member of the team, clients and the world we serve is imperative. Building a compelling vision for your organization and then empowering yourself and every member of your team to fulfill your talents and serve the mission, each other and your vision is how your team serves the world in a profitable and powerful way!

The Mindful Leadership model, using the The True North Compass™, is the ideal approach  to shift your team and your organization from the old sacrificial model of leadership into the new empowerment model of Mindful Leadership! This is what you will learn at the Summit.

Mindful Creators Manifesto Dr. Laura Ciel Bill Poett

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Mindful Living Dr. Laura Ciel Bill Poett

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      Six Simple Steps - 5 Ancient Elements - Six Profound Principles

      01 - VOID



      Use your limitless imagination to connect with an idea that captivates both your intellect and emotions. Thoughts that contain a high emotional charge have the greatest creative energy.

      02 - EARTH



      Specific goals that are connected to your biggest "WHY" will have staying power. Convert them into measurable blueprints or schematics so you can begin taking intelligent action today!

      03 - WATER



      You must develop the ATR (Ability To Respond ) to all the opportunities and challenges you will face in the achievement of your goal. The bigger the goal the bigger the requisite ATR.

      04 - FIRE



      Goals are fueled by passion and e-motion (energy in motion) . The bigger your "WHY" the more energy you will have to overcome inevitable challenges and capitalize on newly created opportunities

      05 - WIND


      JUST DO IT!

      Massive, intelligent, consistent action! Learn how to source, clarify and act consistently on your highest value targets. This is where results are achieved and essential information is gathered.

      06 - VOID



      Convert failure into feedback and capitalize on your wins!. . A feedback loop allows you to make real-time course corrections as new data is received until your goal is achieved.

      Dr. Laura Ciel Bill Poett
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