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"Closing the GAP"

By Bill Poett

Warrior Heart's please take a moment; stop what you are doing and imagine....
"Closing the Gap!"

Imagine exactly how worthy you are in the eyes of God and this magnificent universe and know that no human is ever "more worthy" than another.
Imagine your life in it's highest, most beautiful expression, imagine accessing and fulfilling all of your potential.

Imagine your body; lean, vibrant, powerful and beautiful.
Imagine your mind; well trained, possessing the wisdom and knowledge you need to design and manifest the life of your dreams.

Imagine being surrounded by a tribe that loves, challenges, supports and cares deeply for you.

Imagine a career that feeds your soul and your family, a career that allows you to gift the world with your unique love and talents in a way that only you can!
These imaginings are not some lifeless day dream. They are your destiny! They are your birthright!

Now let's take a hard, honest look at the life we have manifested today. Let's look at the actual results we are creating. Look at you body, your mind's capacity to manifest, the tribe you have surrounded yourself with, and your chosen profession.

What you will discover is that there is a gap between your life in it's highest realization, your I AM WORTHY LIFE, and the actual results you have created.
Don't feel bad if there is a giant gap between these two, this gap exists for all of us. This gap exists within the homeless and this gap exists within his holiness the Dalai Lama.

Our work, our joy and our play as Warrior-Hearts is to recognize these two truth;1. I am infinitely worthy and 2. I am my results. And then do all that we can to close the gap. To bring the results we are creating in our lives into harmony and alignment with who we are in our highest realization.

A straight line from your current results to your highest realization is your True North path and the True North Compass is the most powerful tool I've ever seen for moving us joyfully down it.

It this idea touches your heart and mind and you are looking for a guide then I am ready for you.

In-joy, love and service.

Bill Poett

Bill Poett is the founder of the Warrior-Heart Project, creator of the True North Academy and author of "The ABC's Of Peak Performers" and "Live & Love Fearlessly.

P.S. to learn more about the True North Training Academy visit us here: http://billpoettnow.com/true-north-academy/

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“Bill Poett is one of the most knowledgeable trainers I have ever worked with.”

Wayne Gretzky NHL Hall of Fame

I was looking for a simple but organized way to organize my life and enjoy the passion that comes from fully engaged commitment. I found it with Bill and the True North Compass. Simple. Fun. Effective. TRY IT!

Ginger Garrett Superior Court Judge San Luis Obispo

I’m a true believer that Bill Poett is onto something BIG! His Warrior-Heart Workshop Left me energized, hopeful and feeling more open-hearted!

Ellen Leyva ABC 7 Eyewitness News

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